Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ubuntu edge: were Mark is different from others.


I was always eagerly looking at the changes in open source projects and marketing of such projects. Google was the  early birds that brought crowed based app development and testing into a real corporate scenario.
Now a days closed source kings Microsoft and Oracle changed into path of Open to boost up there production and testing.

Ubuntu is a child of canonical . Canonical is a Britain based company there main product in market is Ubuntu. They started there product in 2004.At the first i thought they were wasting there money to promote opensource campaign.Soon i understand Ubuntu undertake Redhats monopoly in server market. That is really interesting fact.

And one day Ubuntu seems stable then they changed to something bit unstable called unity interface i thought they gonna lose there good name in market. Then i come to know that Ubuntu is making everything unity because they are entering to phone market.

How can Ubuntu survive in market already Google with android and windows by Microsoft is there. And its almost true the market is bit tight Samsung not gonna give up android for there good sake or until windows seems so tempting.

At last i wonder when Ubuntu call crowd funding for there new project called Ubuntu edge.
i had watched Marks presentation. Its simple and cool the phone and mark. mark were a t-shirt instead of a tuxedo. And phone seems next gen. what ever the presentation bit similar like Steve, but no exaggerations.

Most  economical high class considers Apple products are most reliable and friendly. So mark is planing to present Ubuntu in the same manner. first he made the product a strong base. now he is making the hardware more strong. already Ubuntu store is there. many new market is opened in opensource and free projects.

I'm quite sure Ubuntu computer will sneak into as a replacement of Mac machines soon.
Mark is made concept of free into new levels. yet it free more people need Linux they choose Ubuntu at first. next all other than Linux savvies gonna select Ubuntu machines including Ubuntu phones and PCs and Ubuntu actually getting consumer business soon.

wow that's really cool. mark is really a visionary.

that's all folks,