Monday, February 28, 2011

Linux is much better than Windows

hi everyone.. its since a long time I'm back to post in my blog. anyway now the time i like to share my new experience on linux operating system.
operating system
operating system is simply a set of programs which keeps other application programs( like movie player..or something like that  ) work up on it. most of us familiar with the famous Gates OS 'Windows' .windows  is produced by Microsoft the latest version of windows specially windows NT is 'windows 7'.

but still i liked  to stick on in xp(previous commonly accepted version of windows) any way once i heard about Ubuntu, on that time i don't understand its a Linux distribution.later i installed that linux parallel with my xp in my hard disk.
like everyone i made it just for curiosity.

as everyone knows Linux comes under Software freedom concept. so most my friends believe that Linux is simply hard enough to understand  for a normal person.but in my case i start using 'jaunty Linux'(2009 ubuntu distribution):

fitst advantage
the fist adavantage i find in ubuntu is its very easy to get connected to internet.
the mean while i got a mobile connection and a Sim,so i activate internet on mobile.i just connect my mobile on USB port what a magic the system automatically detects my mobile and i easily setup my mobile connection through Linux.

if you got internet in your Linux system literally you are rich enough to get any kind of software's and study materials absolutely free the main purpose of this OS is that it prevents piracy

the most stunning feature is Ubuntu effects..if you enable Ubuntu special effects. just awesome.

This may be my favorite point . That is Linux boots up very fast and ready to use very fast than XP in my system.