Wednesday, April 15, 2009

vote for new india

hi, Indians this very important to use ur vote power today . b'coz, this is the right way top show ur power . u r power is u r vote. ie u can chose u r chose the right laeder wihout any party base.
be the idel to show the youth of inda need strong leader to make our contry become world no one.
open your mind widly analyse and u only deside who will win, because you only know who is right r whose is wrong.

"jai hind"

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

i singned in google but my chat window is desabeled

i found a problem with my Google account that "i can't use my gtalk gadget through my account"
how i solve the problem?
i searched entire web i find this may be due to some cookies .
i thought i can solve this by deleting the cookies by using some cleaners like ccleaner

  1. must download/use any cleaner i suggest ccleaner it free to downlaod
  2. close ur webbrowser..1 sec...(before read this completely.ok)
  3. install cleaner.
  4. then claen ur system use it.ok
  5. make sure cookies are deleted.ok
then enjoy chat via google.