Sunday, August 7, 2011

ZinQ removes my windows, how to recover it?

Some times after ZinQ install user may lose his windows boot menu.
Is it a problem with partions? no absolutely not.
Anyone can easily recover this problem. This is related to your monitors default resolution.

1.make sure to sign into ZinQ. on start menu and type "burg" you can see the "burg-manger" in menu;click on it. burg-manger request to enter your password,please enter it. burg-manager opens, click on second tab 'parameters' you can see 'basic parameters' on menu under "choose the sutable resolution for your monitor..." a menu appers select a resolution sutable for your monitor (either 800X600 or 1024X768). click on 'set screen resolution click apply changes.

That's all.
Next time you can see a boot menu; it will wait for you a time span off 10 second. so that you can choose your operating system.
Default operating system will be ZinQ

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clint christopher said...

No use i switched completly to zinq ... So no need to c that screen :)